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CON1001 Consumer and Market Economy
Major consumer affairs in the market economy which consumers confront and alternatives on enhancing consumer economic welfare and accomplishing consumer sovereignty will be studied.
CON1101 Household Economics
Basic theories on household economic organization and economic welfare of household will be studied. And it will be applied to evaluation of the economic welfare of Korean household.
CON1201 Accounting for Financial Planning
This course will introduce the basic accounting concepts, financial statement,and the accounting method of assets, liabilities and equity for consumer financial planning.
CON1401 Consumer Desicion Making
Applications of economics theories related to psychology, economics, sociology and models to analyze consumer decision making process as well as to predict consumer problems and solutions.
CON2101 Credit Counseling
Credit Counseling introduces credit management and rules and regulations to prevent from becoming credit defaulter. Students are expected to use counseling principles and skills in decisions of solving consumer credit problems.
CON2201 Consumer Financial Planning
From the consumer financial planning perspectives Basic theories and action plans with respect to cash flow management, insurance planning, investment planning, and retirement planning will be studied.
CON2202 Risk Management & Insurance Planning
This class is an introduction to the risk management and insurance for individuals. Topics include legal principles in risk and insurance, insurance contracts, personal property and liability risk, life and health risks, social insurance, insurance companies and product markets, insurance pricing and professional ethics.
CON2301 Consumer and Retailing
This course deals with retailing structures and various retailing company, interaction between marketing strategies and consumer satisfaction or welfare.
CON2302 International Consumers and Market Analysis
Comprehensive understanding of 1) consumer characteristics, consumption culture, and consumer behaviors, and 2) retail market systems in international countries. Also, the internationalization of retail markets and retail firms’ successful strategy satisfying consumers’ needs in international markets will be addressed.
CON2303 Technology in Consumer Life
This course is designed to examine how the advancement of technology and entertainment changes consumer life, what are advantages and disadvantages it occurs, and how to overcome disadvantages. Also, it will be considered how technology and entertainment should be advanced to revise the current issues consumers face in life. This course will be similar to TED Talks but an emphasis is on the analysis of consumer life.
CON2401 Consumer Counseling
This course aim at providing basic knowledge such as counseling by telephone, letter, internet or face to face to be trained as a professional consumer counselor. Understanding the characteristics and contents of counseling techniques in company, non-profits and administrative organization.
CON2402 Consumer Education
The general factors related to consumer decision-making in market, and development of consumer education methods for the targeted subject will be explored in this course.
CON2601 Consumer Psychology
Consumers buy groceries, computers, cars and even services ranging from bank accounts to college educations. However, they are different from one another by buying different clothes and driving different cars. Therefore it is very important to understand what makes them different as a consumer. This course introduces students to the general perspectives currently taken in the study of consumer behavior. Emphasis is on consumer decision processes and the influence of social, cultural and psycholo
CON2602 Consumer Trend Analysis
To analyze consumer’s consumption trend in the marketplace, through the course students learn the methodology. By developing it, they can have views of consumption in the society we live. In the end they can predict consumer’s consumption to be trend.
CON3001 Introduction to Consumer Economics
Introduction to Consumer Economics field, its theory, and practice. This class will explore consumer economics theories and research. Students will learn about concepts and factors related to consumer economic well-being.
CON3101 Consumer Credit Counseling Regulations and Consumer Debt Relief
Laws and regulations in Korea for consumer credit counseling and consumer debt relief will be studied one by one.
CON3201 Capstone Design for Household Investment Planning
The goal of this course is to study financial planning principles and practices focuses on the theory and practice of investment analysis with a special emphasis on the basic tools, techniques, and methodologies. Topics include investment risk and return measures, evaluation techniques, securities, mutual funds, real estate investments and portfolio management.
CON3202 Capstone Design for Planning of Retirement & Inheritance
Planning of Retirement & Inheritance is focused on examine financial status and identify financial problems for getting solutions of successful retirement with the annuity and inheritance planning
CON3301 Consumer Information
The importance of consumer information, the contents, resource, acquisitions, costs of consumer information will be focused in this course. Analyze various information from media and need for information to make strategies of application information.
CON3302 Capstone Design for Digital Commerce and Consumer
This course is designed to increase awareness and understanding of critical issues surrounding E-Commerce, E-Marketing, and E-Business. The course introduces students to a wide range of electronic commerce issues for marketers, as a foundation for continual learning in the dynamic E-Commerce environment.
CON3303 Understanding Consumption by Analysis of Big Data
Due to an advancement of information technology, today’s consumers shop across multiple channels, such as online, offline, and mobile channels and these omni-channel shopping environments allow retail firms to collect and store the ever increasing amount of information about consumers, which is called “big data.” This course allows students to learn how an analysis of big data comes into play when retail firms offer products, services, and retail environments demanded by consumers.
CON3401 Capstone Design for Theory and Practice of Customer Service
This course covers a wide range of usable process for developing the kinds of skills, attitudes, and thinking patterns needed to win customer satisfaction. To facilitate understanding of this process, various specific consumer issues in the global market will be introduced.
CON3501 Introduction to Consumer Disputes Resolution
Basic theories and case application of the consumer disputes resolution for reducing consumer complaints and detriments in the market economy will be studied.
CON3502 Consumer Policy
In order to enable consumers to actively participate in preventing and resolving consumer problems in market economy, theories and case application on consumer policy will be studied.
CON3601 Consumer and Developing Product(Capstone Design)
Consumer empowerment in our market. Many companies want to know what consumers want. In my class, We focus on the new product development(NPD) process. and we will develope real products for us. This calss is planned for Korean students. I prepare some Korean Case, sometimes I will invite the NPD Expert or commodity Brand Manager who is Korean. If you are foreign students, of course you can attend this class, But please excuse this special plan.
CON3602 Methods in Consumer Research and Practicum(Capstone Design)
Basic research designs, measurement techniques and methods of data collection used in social science. Students analyze research report and journal article using SPSS, Excel, Power Point.
CON3801 Home Economics Education
This course deals with general theories of curriculum and focuses on factors of home economics curriculum such as plan, process, and evaluation.
CON3802 Logics and Essey for Home Economics
This course focuses on logical thought and writing on home economics. Students practice problem solving processes by use of several topics regarding home economics.
CON3803 Research of Textbook and Teaching Methods for Home Economics
This course focuses on abilities to analyse home economics textbook and to prepare efficient teaching materials for home economics education.
CON3804 Home life and Culture
This course is designed to study the cultural significance of home life. Students will learn Korean traditional culture including food, clothing, habitation, leisure and consumption compare to the modern life style.
CON4001 Capstone Design in Consumer Science
This course prepares students for developing their undergraduate thesis. The students will learn how to select a topic, how to formulate a research question or research hypothesis, research design, sampling, data analysis, and how to discuss results for their thesis. The students will report their thesis progress and revise it with regard to the feedback from a professor. The students will be required to make a topic presentation and defend their final thesis.
CON4101 Understanding Finance Behavior
This course covers (1) basic principles regarding behavioral finance and (2) practical application of those principles to the real financial contexts.
CON4102 Consumer Financial Counseling
Based on financial planning theories over family life cycle, train student to be able to counsel financial problems to reach their financial goals.
CON4201 Capstone Design for Tax Planning
An introduction to taxation and the role of the tax in financial planning for individuals and business owners. Topics include the tax environment, fundamentals of income tax planning, the measurement of taxable income, the taxation and the tax compliance process.
CON4202 Capstone Design for Real Estate Planning
Focusing on the considerable ratio of Korean households’ real estate assets, this course consists of basic understandings of real estate planning, laws of real estate capital markets and investment analysis for individuals’ financial well-being.
CON4301 Consumer & Media
In this course, students understand the media that is an important information and communication tool. Students understand the principles of advertisement that influences consumers’ decision. It helps that students develop the desirable consumer consciousness and rational consumer ability.
CON4401 Capstone Design for Practicum for Consumer Counseling
In order to be able to apply knowledge and theories to real life, students need to have practical experience in company, non-profit, Korea consumer protection board and report to be valuated.
CON4501 Consumer Safety
This course helps students understand consumers’ risk patterns and actual conditions of consumer safety. And students will learn consumer safety policies and implementation process for consumer safety in the developed countries and in Korea.
CON4601 Capstone Design for Theory and Practice of Prosumer
Theoretical approach to the understanding of Prosumerism analyzing consumer needs, market preference levels will be major learning of this course. In addition, optimal communication channel and system will be an important factor in manufacturing products and services based on consumer demands, which will be the crucial factor deciding consumer-corporation strong relationship.
CON4602 Consumption Culture in Modern Society
For proper understanding of consumers in modern society, consumer roles and problems in the household and the market will be examined. Topics include consumption culture in modern society, in new generation, in the old generation, comparing the East with the West.
CON4603 Consumption Trend of Chinese Consumer
In this course, students understand Chinese consumers’ characteristics and consumption culture to analyze consumer trends in China. Also students study an economic environment, a market system, and changes in socio-demographic factors and family structure in China, which cause changes in consumer trends. Based on this knowledge and theoretical understanding, students identify consumer trends in China by analyzing various kinds of literature, websites, and Chinese travelers.
GEB1107 English Communication: Pre-Intermediate
This course is a Pre-intermediate level English course for the 1st year students. It is designed to improve students’ communication skills in English in the academic settings.
GEB1108 English Communication: Intermediate
This course is an intermediate level English course for the 1st year students. It is designed to improve students’ communication skills in English in the academic settings.
GEB1109 English Communication: Advanced
This course is an advance level English course for the 1st year students. It is designed to improve students’ communication skills in English in the academic settings.
GEB1111 Inha Freshman Seminar
This seminar is a required course for all freshmen. It is designed to support a successful transition to campus life and provide an opportunity for freshmen to understand their aptitude and potential, and to set academic and career goals. This course focuses on the university’s philosophy and vision, campus life, curriculum and specific features of chosen academic fields, and provides students with the tools for academic success.
GEB1113 Crossover Course 2: Natural Sciences and Computer Science
The series of crossover courses is planned to offer underclassmen the opportunity to explore other academic fields. This course is designed for humanities and social science students with a focus on natural sciences including mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science. This course provides students with knowledge and insight into how science and technology impacts our lives and influences our future.
GEB1114 Crossover Course 3: Economics, Business and Law
The series of crossover courses is planned to offer underclassmen the opportunity to explore other academic fields. This course is open to students across all departments with a focus on economics, business and law. This course provides students with the skills and knowledge to become an active member of society and to participate in a professional community.
GEB1125 Writing and Discussion in the Social Sciences and Humanities
This class will study basic abilities about reading, speaking, and writing. It also intends to cultivate students as cultured people, who have integrated thought capabilities, to learn practical discussion.
GEB1131 Common Chinese Character
This class will study practical Chinese character to meet present-day needs and to develop knowledge as cultured person.
GEB1201 Practical English : Listening and Speaking
The aim of this English listening and speaking course is to challenge students to consider present-day questions in modern society. Students will have many opportunities to improve all areas of their English language skills on the intermediate level.
GEB1202 Practical English: Reading and Writing
The course aims to give English learners practical knowledge of English to help them to adapt to the real work environment. Handsome knowledge of vocabulary, correct use of English language (grammar), understanding of audio-visual materials as well as reading contents, and the ability to write different types of documents or essays are needed to make the goal a real thing. Besides, it aims to help English learners to function properly and actively in the business world in terms of communication.
GEB1203 Advanced College English
This course is an upper-intermediate level English course for the 2nd year students. It is designed to improve students’ proficiency in English so that they can communicate in English based on what they read on various topics.
HUE1001 Understanding of Human Ecology
This course will introduce basic aspects of four majors (Child studies, Food and Nutrition, Consumer studies, and Fashion Design & Textiles) in the field of human ecology.
HUE1002 Basic Statistics of Human Ecology
In this class, basic research design methods employees in the study of human ecology are examined. Students will practice how to analyze research data, test hypothesis and interpret findings.
HUE1003 Computer application and information analysis
To develop computer skills to use basic software that will be helpful for the use, analysis and presentation of the necessary knowledge information for domestic science.
HUE1004 Career Planning and Preparation
This course is designed to teach students how to engage in a comprehensive career planning process. The course focuses primarily on the exploration phase of this process. Students will explore their interests, values, personality traits, skills and experiences as related to career identification. Students will use information about the world of work, identify and examine career clusters or job families, occupational trends, education and training requirements and job search strategies. Students